Bubble away winning combos in Keno Lab virtual keno

What’s cooking in the lab these days? If you guessed keno, you’re correct! Keno Lab virtual keno is a bit different than the usual keno games. This board used 80 squares instead of the typical 90. Come try and match up to 15 numbers for outstanding prize payout.
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Keno Lab virtual keno with 10,000 dollar jackpot prize

Yet another clever Keno-themed game you might like to try. Keno Lab virtual keno game has various bets you can play over the 80 squares provided. Win upwards of 10 grand using higher stakes or starting bets at only 5 cents per round. Experiment a bit and see.

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Science and laws of physics have nothing to do with this version of keno at all. Actually, the odds are geared toward the lower end of wagered rounds playable in Keno Lab online keno. Let your imagination do the rest while stakes considered all begin at only 5 cents per round.

Max bets can take up to 20 dollars per game too. You may pick numbers individually on the board while automatic picks are also offered. Up to 15 numbers may be selected, furthering the potential for higher winnings.

Seasoned keno players will often select lower numbers ranging between 8-10 balls for better payout odds. Your top win may include up to 10 grand on higher wagers placed. Use the Turbo button to speed-up the final ball drop.  Any wrong picks can be deleted using the clear button when playing individual rounds. Good luck!

Keno Lab online keno puts scientific theory to the test. Can you match all 15 balls dropped? Great fun with either demo play or real wagered bets!
Keno Lab online keno cooks-up the creative matches worth big bucks!