Play your magic numbers in a very cool 20-ball Keno drop game

Trust your gut instinct to play the combinations you know will pop up. Odds are there are at least 2-3 of the same number that pop-up each time in this game. When you play up to 10 balls max each round, that's worth 10,000x the low-wager bets to win the top pay here!
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Online keno by Gamescale -- With 10,000x wager top jackpot

You know your lucky number is in there somewhere. When it comes to Keno, there's always another round. And unlike the official keno games, you don't have to wait to play! Choose up to 10 numbers and let the balls drop. If you make a few matches, that can really add up quick.

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The excitement encapsulated within Keno is infectious. Across nations it has an appeal over bingo which makes this the younger generation craze of the ages. As you already know, this Keno allows up to 10 numbers wagered. A total of 10 numbers picked on a 1 dollar chip can win up to 10,000x that stake. Imagine what the other chip amounts may do for you! As this is a 20-ball keno version the selections may offer better odds to win anything.

The button selector allows 1, 5 or 10 plays on the same number selections you choose, making it quite simple to keep the favorite number you like so much. There is a special tip arrow that will help your plays when needed or you can disable it so it doesn't get in the way. Try it for the first few times in free demo play to get a better feel before you play for real!

No more messy ink stamper kits and ever-present lucky charms. All right you can have the lucky charms close at hand when this Keno game gets underway. Play up to 10 games on the same numbers in one sitting.
Gamescale's Keno: Way better than sitting next to old ladies at the bingo parlor...