A game similar to Pachinko, Kashatoa with volcanic casino chip

Chips blasting out of a hot, volcano in a pinball-like casino game called Kashatoa makes this unique game worth the risk despite the heat of danger.
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Kashatoa casino game is hot, fiery pinball-like a volcano

Kashatoa is a chip-launching parlor casino game, a real money online Pachinko game one of the few and can be found within our expansive gaming directory. Kashatoa is similar to a vertical pinball machine with a volcano that multiplies chips. Watch chips blast through the volcano and land in the multiplier craters or bonus areas, but watch out for the hot lava. The game has 4 bonus features, including a reel bonus, two trail bonuses and a wheel bonus. Each bonus is paid out if you fill up the bonus pots. Play single or multiple chips at once.

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Fire a ball and drop it into the top of the board. Watch as the ball filters down the nails until it finally lands in a cup or pot. Depending on which cup the ball lands in will determine the multiplier involved in the win to the original wager. The ball can roll into side pockets which multiplies wins even further. You can release more than one ball at a time by clicking your mouse.

Kashatoa is a casino game where players drop balls down into the mouth of a volcano for certain multiplied chip wins.
The volcano is about to blow in Kashatoa, but beware of the hot lava and four different bonus wins.