Jolly Jester online slot game brings laughs and wins

Perhaps no other online casino game out there has as welcome an audio sample as the hahaing of the title character in the Jolly Jester slot. With big wins, this slot goes more ballistic than the Joker on crack. And the “Jolly Jester” bonus round video feature can be characterized by its insane generosity.
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Jolly Jester slot -- An amusing game with video bonus round

After spinning a big win on the Jolly Jester online slot game, there were whoops and hollers, laughter and noise enough to fill the flat. And the game made some sound, too.

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Jolly Jester is indeed one of the more exciting (and excitable) fellows out there these days. The Jolly Jester slot game was promised to “take players back to medieval times to enjoy the antics of a court entertainer,” but who needs the past when today’s technology has produced such a pretty game?

Even the typical A-K-Q-J-10-9 symbols are nicely colored and curvaceous, even if LCD’s a bit surprised at Microgaming’s reticence to go for the full-on playing-card motif. The harkening back to the iconic pose of American Gothic in the “King & Queen” symbol is nice, too.

Entering the “comedian’s courtyard” bonus round, the player is greeted with the jitterbugging jester positively tittering up a storm off to one side of nine gift-wrapped boxes. Once three identical “prizes” have been chosen, the player gets 10 free spins, during which the multiplier increases which each spin (10x multiplier on a free spin? Hee hee hee, indeed), ultimately allowing the max payout of 100,000 coins; 10 free spins in which the King & Queen symbol becomes a WILD Jester; and 10 free spins in which the King & Queen symbol becomes a SCATTER. The truth is that any one of the harlequin’s gifts is a proverbial winner, as is the game in general. It’s the empathic laughter than makes it so addictive. Kinda like Red Bull-and-vodka. LCD rating: 70 proof.

The Jolly Jester online slot game may feature a harlequin, but there's no clowning around with these nice payouts...
Laughs aplenty in the Jolly Jester online slot game from Microgaming