Don’t forget to go totally wild with the Jokers Wild poker game

How many times did you need that joker to be the wild card in a game. Well here is the game that makes the dream come true in this fantastic game that allows hands to have the joker subtitute for a better hand. Great for earning potential and no doubt loads of fun.
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Jokers Wild - by OpenBet online video poker card game

How can you resist to play the game where jokers are wild in poker? Set your bets for a wild time that is sure to make you feel much like the Jolly Joker himself. Double bets and gamble your way through this instant hit of a poker game where you can really make some wild wins.

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Really similar to standard poker you play with a 52 card deck and one extra Joker in the pack making the total of 53 cards. Any Joker can substitute for being a wild card and it will complete standard poker hands including: flushes, pairs, straights, 3 of a kind or even a full houses. The combos are unlimited in this game so the chances of great wins are in your cards. You can chose the bet based on the amount of how high you want to take the limit, The stake max limit goes up to 5, so the amount you play with is multiplied by that number. So one is one, two is two, etc. It also has the option to double a play when you get two winning hands in a row, this extra option is offered. Also get into the Gamble mode for the one card plays against the dealer where you see who’s card is higher one card at a time.

Bet that you can make this joker go wild in this funny game about making the poker bets bigger and bigger while your winnings get into making some funny money
We’ll put a smile on your face with Jokers Wild