Natural jackpot worth 4000 coins in Jokers Wild video poker

Where the joke is never back-fired, can mean big winning hands in the Jokers Wild video poker slot. Play for easy stakes that start with just 25 cents a coin bet. Up to 5 coins total might just form a natural flush which pays 4000x the total bet wagered.
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Jokers Wild video poker worth big winning hands for lower wagers

Not nearly as funny as the real thing, this video poker slot has something for everyone. Jokers Wild video poker offers each player a shot at winning from a standard 5 card hand. Win up to 4000 coins for max coins wagered. It’s wild, play today!

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That crafty joker is back to confuse and compel your video poker senses from start to finish. The Jokers Wild video poker slot begins with easy wagers of 25 cents up through a 2 dollar coin limit. Use a max of 5 coins for each play. This places your chances for winning the top payouts involved.

Up to 4000x the stakes upon winning any of the combinations you may match. Anything worth a pair or better will return winning coins. One highlight is that any combo matching a great hand will automatically be locked into the selection. Don’t discard your shot at winning a better hand, since these cards might form a more complete win.

Are you willing to bet you know how to roll with this joker? Of course all jokers in this game are wild, any joker can substitute for others to make a pair, three of a kind, and more. Come and try this video poker slot to see what kind of wild combos are in your cards today.

Jokers Wild video poker is where you can form some cool poker hands quite easily. Even a pair still offers 5x the payout. No joke, play the demo for free!
Jokers Wild video poker is no joke for natural wins. Build your best 5 card hand today!