Now you have all the hands together in the Jokers Wild 50-hand

How big do you want to see the hands played in the game that allows 50 hands to be played in one big game. Its non-stop thrills when the Joker has the upper hand in this case. Get the game that plays you for bigger wins and wilder jokers too.
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Jokers Wild 50 Hand - OpenBet powered online casino poker

How wild do you like to get? Here is the game that will define the meaning in so many ways. The object of the game is to jet the Jolly Joker in you hand and see the winnings go over the top in dynamic and amazing wins in this Jokers Wild 50-hand game.

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The mother of all games has just arrived. The entire 50 hands of the poker universe is yours. The Joker my just turn up in you favor but first you must select the bet that makes it all worth while. With a maximum betting pot of 50 you can see this is no laughing matter at all. The joker is on your side so don’t get cold feet just yet. There is the first card that is dealt so if it happens to be a Joker, it will be seen in all 50 hands of the other cards on the screen. Your odds of a flush or better are now in the card so don’t let him go anytime soon. The autohold feature allows the better value cards to be held as well and there is also the Gamble button that plays a hi-lo single card game with the dealer.

Don’t settle for just a few hands when you can have the entire pot of 50 to play with. Jokers are wild but this one will take the limits to the sky!
Get wild for the Joker in this epic game of games