Now is the time to get the dealer laughing with you in Jokers Wild 5-hand

Excellent payouts when the Jokers are wild in this game. Play the multiple options for extra payouts and chances to make the winning deals chuckle with jolly jokers in every turn of the card. You’ll love the 5 card plays in this version of 5 card poker where the joker is always wild.
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Jokers Wild 5 Hand - online video poker five hands at a time

The Jolly Joker is back for more crazy plays in this version of Jokers Wild. This time you’ll play 5 hands on the screen with the option to play them all if the Joker comes your way. Get back into the action again with this wild man and see the joke is not on you!

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5 hands are now getting to be a better deal with this smart game full of funny guys who love to make your winnings bigger each time. Start with a fun-loving bet up to the max level of 5 for each deal dealt. Then get rolling into riches when you see the jokers come your way. If you happen to get the first card as a joker it will show up in all five sets which may just well be your winning streak so you’ll want to keep him for safe keeping. You can hold a card or decide to discard it for a better hand but the autohold button provides extra safety for a win that you’ll be happy to see. Make the Joker your best pal in this game for the very best in poker plays you’ll have to see to believe.

Be on the top of your game with the help from a little man that throws the wild cards your way in 5 different sets of cards in your hand.
Who says you can’t laugh with the joke when you have all the money.