Throw that Joker in with the typical poker hand and you've got Joker Poker

That's right, the only real difference between Joker Poker and Poker is that the Joker has fumbled into the deck and functions as a wild card throughout the game substituting for any other card.
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Joker - poker

Joker Poker is an online video poker game that is played with a deck with 53 cards rather than the typical poker 52 deck because (guess who?) the Jack is added to the hand. That’s right, the additional card, the Joker, is a wild card and substitutes for cards of any denomination so winning hands are completed much more frequently. The maximum payout in Joker Poker is 5,000 coins.

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Joker Poker isn’t a joke, it’s a poker game played by some poker players who like a little added twist to their poker playing. Playing is in line with the typical Poker game with all the same hands being at the highest value of the Royal Flush and the lowest win at Kings or Better. Play with 1 coin, 2, 3, 4 or 5 coins in all. Check out the Joker Poker online video poker payout table for more details about payouts and hand values.

Winning hands happen more frequently with Joker Poker as the Joker is wild and helps to make up additional winning hands.
A casino poker directory with Joker Poker added into the mix.