Joker Poker Power Poker with 4 hands played simultaneously

Jokers are thrown into the usual poker deck in Joker Poker Power Poker and completes winning hands as a wild card. Play 4 hands of poker at one time with Power Joker Poker and win more faster.
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Joker poker - power poker

Joker Poker Power Poker is an online poker video game that varies from Joker Poker in that four hands are played at once rather than a single hand at a time. The Joker is added to the 52-card deck making it 53 with the Joker standing in for any card to make winning hands. Win faster in a multi-hand poker game like Joker Power Poker with a wild joker that completes wins more often than in other kinds of poker.

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Players are first dealt four hands of five cards by the dealer in Joker Poker Power Poker. After the player receives their first hand they choose which cards to hold or discard. When you hold a card, the cards in the same position in the remaining three hands take the value of the card you held; the cards you discard are replaced with new ones from the dealer’s deck. Wins are highlighted on a payout table and you can either double or collect your wins when the dealer deals 5 new cards and you win if the value of your cards is higher than the dealers. Once you collect, the game ends.

Multi-tasking Poker players can play Joker Poker Power Poker with a poker game that offers 4 hand plays at once along with a wild Joker to complete winning hands filling in for every denomination and suit.
Video poker comes to life in Joker Poker Power Poker where the fun is in the wild Jack and playing 4 hands at a time.