5 Jeopardy Logos pay up to 25,000, that may be the only answer you need

This slot game is a cross-breed between a classic slot and a modern day slot. There are classic slot symbols like 7s and the Jeopardy logos look like the classic bar symbols yet this slot game falls short, based on the television game show from the 60s and 70s – Jeopardy.
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Jeopardy online slot, based on the long-running TV game show

Okay, this game just doesn’t quite cut it for me. I mean, I don’t get to answer any jeopardy questions? I just have to pick the person who will guess the correct answer to a question for my coin rewards? Lame. What fun is there in that? In that sense Jeopardy slot was a letdown, I mean isn’t the whole point is to play for cash and prizes by answering jeopardy questions? Isn’t Jeopardy for all those who love to raise their hand and say, “Oh, oh, I have the answer! I know! I know!” ? The slot looks good but the idea is a big question mark. ?.

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Bet between 9 and 45 but win the highest rewards with the maximum bet amount for each spin. Categories for trivia include Science, Music, Animals, Sports and Movies, if only I could answer a question now.

Jeopardy game show slot machine has a bonus round, scatters, and wilds to make up for a lame jeopardy bonus game. Is it enough? I don’t think so.
Jeopardy Game Show Slot Machine isn't the answer to the end all be all of slot questions.