Feel like a martini shaken? James Band is your man for the job!

Don’t fool around with the imposters of slot games, this is the real James Band game! Full of sure-fire excitement right down to the same things that other Bond guy likes too. Well, you can still have the sex looking chicks too if you have what this guy has. Get into the game and win it all!
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James Band video slot -- Bond-inspired slots game from B3W

Are you serious in thinking this doesn’t look like a Bond-inspired slot? Well they are in fact. This is James Band and he’s double or nothing when it comes to winning at everything. If you think you can outsmart his act, come and get some love for this slot that can pay up to 2500 coins!

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Jump on in, the water’s fine! As you can imagine they are getting fishier thinking you’ll be fooled into thinking that James Band is the kind of guy who ever gets wet behind the ears. This spy-spoof slot is 9 paylines of perfection. You can play for as little as 10 cents a payline or just find something that works for you over these lines.

The game is simple; get the icons that pay up the most. In this game you can see that the Band icon will set the highest payout since it acts like a multiplier. The more you get, the more you earn over these reels. Even when you can sub with his icon the pay is still doubled!

The scatter target makes great free spins when it shows up anywhere on the reels. Sorry fans, there is no bonus game but there is autospin -- Does that count as much?

Keep it going for hours with the game that makes other spies look like beach bums. This game is hot enough to melt ice! Worth up to a whopping 2500 coins if you like spare change.
Who was your favorite 007? The hairiest one, of course!