Better your poker wins from playing Jacks or Better video poker

Build the best hand to get easy video poker wins. Jacks or Better video poker offers the selection of cards you want and the rest is up to plain luck. Win a top 4000 coins for the Royal Flush alone! Any locked cards are held for you. Awesome.
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Jacks or Better video poker can win a 4000 coin Royal Flush

Easy stakes per coin limit up to 5 coins per hand played. Win up to a top 4000x the amount wagered for the Royal Flush combo. Great odds to win even from Jacks or Better.

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Spend hours counting the spots on the ceiling, or have better odds to spend your time at finding a single pair. Jacks or Better video poker is about as simple as it gets for cheap thrills. These stakes don’t require much from any hand played.

You can wager up to 5 coins per hand for the top payout involved too. All bets begin with a single 25 cents used or a max of $1.25 for the total low-roller coverage win. All hands show the payout for the card combos created. Obvious to the naked eye, the Royal Flush pays 4000 coins over the top 5 coins used.

Two of a kind or even three of a kind share better pay for the matched cards held. Select which you want and continue to see the turn-out. Auto select will hold your best cards already insuring that a win is on its’ way. Of course the demo game is ready to challenge your time either way. Heck it beats counting spots…

Jacks or better video poker makes playing the low-roller games even better. Hours of video poker hands rounds with up to 4000x the top hand win. Ready to roll yet?
Jacks or Better video poker offers low stake plays for a top 4000 jackpot prize!