Get the 5 card shuffle in your hands with Jacks or Better five-hand

Get into the hands of poker with the game that starts the ball rolling with real pay-out odds of winning. Great options to play from including the autohold button and the gamble plays. It’s a real game of 5-hand that is worth the best deal that poker is all about.
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Jacks or Better Five Hand - online video poker card game by OpenBet

Give yourself a hand of finve cards and start the race to make the better hand stick for the game that is full of great poker fun with this wildly popular 5-hand poker game. Get the multi-card feel with great wins using the special options just for better playing strategy.

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Get your start with the betting out of the way first. You’ll have 5 hands to play so each one can have a selected amount to wage your hand from. The next step is the deal. In the front of the screen, the bigger card hand is played first until each hand is played out. Pick the hold button for each card if that card value is what you want to play with. The autohold button can be played before each game played which make sure that anything in the hand is a sure win but allows you to exchange the cards that are weaker for an exchange as well.  The button called: Gamble, allows you to double the bet with the face card up and you play against the dealer for the higer card value. Yu get pays up to 4 times the maximum value. This game plays with a standard 52 card deck and is reshuffled each game played.

Set your sights the make the 5-hand play in your favor with special plays and long lasting winning streaks. Make this your big event of the night for bigger wins.
Do the 5-hand shuffle for some super big deals