Ten hands *are* better than one in Jacks or Better video poker!

Net Entertainment's Jacks or Better video poker game is basically the same as playing 10 simultaneous hands of regular single-handed video poker, except that they all begin with a single common deal.
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Jacks or Better 10-hand -- Online video poker with multihand play

Player is then dealt five cards face up, together with nine other hands dealt face down. From the five face-up cards, player choose which he/she will keep and which will be replaced by new cards in order to form the best possible five-card poker hand. Any cards the player keeps in Jacks or Better 10 Hand will also be kept in each individual hand, though each game is You then choose which of the cards to hold and discard before being dealt ten new hands, with each of the new hands containing the cards that you initially chose to hold. Credits are then awarded based on the number of winning hands you make across all of the ten hands dealt.

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This Net Entertainment version of video poker allows you to double or even quadruple your winnings after each hand. You can either try to guess the colour (double) or the suit (quadruple) of the next card in the deck when gambling your winnings. You can double or quadruple your winnings up to a maximum of five times, but beware - one wrong pick and you lose the lot.

The game is very entertaining because regardless of the hand that you initially receive, you almost always make a winner out of one of your 10 hands, giving you an opportunity to double or quadruple after almost every hand. Novice gamers may find it to be the perfect introduction to video poker. Light, straightforward, always entertaining, and nothing too complicated.
In the NetEnt version of Jacks or Better 10 Hand Video Poker, the player places a bet of 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 coins and a coin value between 2¢ and $1.00. Hit DEAL to begin play.
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