Can you crack the combination to unlock this digital Jackpot?

iTech Labs’s Jackpot 7, no point banging on about the good points because there are few. Aside from the mighty high jackpot that the game has, there is just far too little happening to warrant praise. It’s a combination game with 7 alternating numbers determining if you win the jackpot.
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The Jackpot 7 arcade game is quite probably, the plainest instant win game ever

Jackpot 7 is quite possibly the most basic instant win, arcade game you will ever lay your hands. Themed after a digital lock of sorts, the aim of the game is to successfully guess the combination of the lock, by picking seven digits from the keypad or by randomly selecting a line of digits. It isn’t the most brain taxing game ever, and as such, it isn’t very good.

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Players don’t have an option of how much they wish to wager in Jackpot 7 as such. Instead, the amount they wager per line (of seven numbers) is fixed. What does change is the number of lines that the player selects. Rather obviously, the more lines the player has, the more likely they are to win, although the more money it will cost.

The interesting thing here is that the player is paid out according to each individual digit they correctly predict from the combination. The jackpot is progressive and so it rises and rises until it is won, and the player can see the pay table on the right hand side of the screen, that will tell them what they have won. Players have the option to either enter their own digits via the keypad, or click the random line button to have seven numbers (or more) randomly chosen for them.

Your chances of success aren’t very high, the game could be cheaper, and there could be one or two bonus features, even in an arcade game. Jackpot 7 just doesn’t do anything that other arcade games haven’t done before.
Cheap and nasty, simple and unlikely to offer you the top jackpot