Find the jackpot depot ahead in Jackpot Express 3-reel slots.

What you won't find here are wilds although with only one golden train car on the reels, it still creates a win. Thankfully it doesn't have much skill involved though heavy wagers up to 25 bucks per line are hi-rolling for a bigger boom on any win involved. Get this train running full steam for the best wins possible.
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Win from 5 different jackpot amounts in Jackpot Express slots!

What kind of train runs on pure gold except for the Jackpot Express. This lively 3-reel has just 3-reels to spin from and offers 5 jackpot amounts that can be worth up to 5000x the stake placed. Now that's worth playing the first class ticket to reach this smoking hot win isn't it!

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Strange how a 3-reel can look so simple yet have an appealing impact on winning amounts. This slot manages to play from a simple one dollar and twenty-five cents amount, up to 25 bucks per spin for each coin played. There are 5 paylines that can allow these wagers individually. As an extra spin on things, this slot allow wins when you land just one train car anywhere on the reels. However you need to have it land on an active payline for that win to take place.

Three of these train cars will take away the jackpot, which is funny since all five paylines offer a different amount that it can fall across. The best jackpot offered falls across the 5th pay line so that's certainly a line to keep loaded at all times. Where your luck will turn next is anyones guess so keep spinning and hop for those gold-laden train cars to fall across these reels. Good Luck!

Casey Jones isn't behind this runaway train game with upwards of 5000x the jackpot win if you hit the right reel win. It you want to win at Jackpot Express, be sure to play all 5 lines each time!
Jump the train to this Jackpot treasure any time of the day...