Jackpot Darts, the only darts arcade game with a progressive jackpot

Playtech’s idea of pitching darts and a progressive jackpot has worked wonderfully in this arcade game. A true darts betting game with bets that can be made on inner and outer bullseye, singles, doubles and trebles, low, mid or high.
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Jackpot Darts arcade game - Don’t throw away a fortune with other arcade games!

Fancy throwing a few airborne missiles of your own? Playtech’s Jackpot Darts won’t quite permit you to do that, but it will enable you to wager on where a trio of darts will land! Jackpot Darts sees players place wagers on a series of possibly landing points for these darts, with their bets ultimately determining how much they are going to win in this simple progressive jackpot, arcade game.

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Players begin by wagering on what they would like to bet. There are a series of categories of wagers that players can choose from. Once they are happy with their type of bet, they must choose how much they are going to wager on it, and this can vary greatly. Players may make multiple bets, and the sum they bet, coupled with however many bets they have, determines how much they could win.

Players will be able to choose from the jackpot, singles, doubles, trebles, outer bull, inner bull, lo, mid, hi numbers, and 1-20 single numbers when they make their bets. Players can also choose how many trebles they think the darts will strike as another wager, for example.

Arcade games are always great entertainment for those players seeking to try something different. The way that Jackpot Darts has been designed, it’s simple but effective colouration, and it’s easy to understand game menus, makes a piece of cake to pick up and play, whenever you fancy a change from the slots.
Wagering on darts has finally come good, with a massive progressive jackpot to win!