Win across 9 layers of 3-reel combos in jackpot 3x3 slot game

Goodness, a crazy looking slot game which can make combo wins across all 9 reels? You might have guessed it correct, jackpot 3x3 slot has surprises waiting for you to discover. A total of 9 paylines with excellent payout ability! Perhaps even 500x the amount for each!
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Jackpot 3x3 slot increases possible wins 9 times extra

Playing those pub fruity games never included this kind of bonus luck. Imagine the chances of winning across a total of 9 games spinning at the same time. Wins as much as 500 coins per reel over the line stake! Now that’s worth a jackpot in itself.

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In the game of Jackpot 3x3 online slot, you only need to set the stake amount for a total of 9 mandatory paylines. These can begin with 25 cents per line with a max of $2.25 per spin. These can be locked without problem by pressing the plus or minus button next to the stake amount.

If this shows a minus, the amount is secure from resetting by accident. Pressing the ‘Place Bet’ button will begin a spin. When the reels stop, the total is shown instantly. Whatever the number combo lands 3 times across a specific reel is a matching win. More than one winning reel is a bigger win.

The best collective spins are always lower risk amounts using less than 1 dollar per line. There is a decent win every third spin, so returned money is a slow climb for those who are patient. Usual wins are 1-3 denomination coins at the lower prize returns. Enjoy.

Jackpot 3x3 online slot allows players to spin over 9 reels at the same time. Win up to 500x the amount over any of these 3-reel combos.
Jackpot 3x3 online slot is the extra boost for big bonus winnings!