Lotsa small wins, ho-hum gameplay – That's In to Win It slot

Yep, it’s time to get seduced by those lifestyles of the rich and famous at the online casino. Microgaming’s pimping this slot version of the get-rich-quick story with the 100-payline game that pays out a top-drawer $25,000 on a single spin. Maybe it won’t buy a private jet, but you could take a few days off, for sure…
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In It to Win It online slot – 100 paylines, $25,000 top payout

Now we could have sworn “In It to Win It” was a poker expression or perhaps uttered in reference to playing the lottery; whatever the case may be in reality, Microgaming has coopted the term to apply to accumulating big bucks and living the glamourous life of luxury in the big company’s 100-payline online slot. Will you get rich paying this slot? Depends how much you consider a $25,000 win on a single spin – that’s the top jackpot payout here.

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One palatial estate backgrounds the five reels of the In It to Win It (guess Mr. or Ms. So and So actually won it) online slot game, and the reels are decorated with icons familiar to the filthy rich: private jets, vintage care, gold coins and the like.
Unlike the real-world mascots depicted in the slot game, the In It to Win It slot is low variance, i.e. dishing out lots of small payouts, thanks to the 100 paylines. (These days, one is almost surprised it’s not another “243 Ways to Win” game with which the Microgaming folks have become so obsessed.

Serving as scatter is the rich guy, a combination of Ted Turner, Max Headroom and one creepy-looking prep school alumnus. It’s your typical scatter, paying out when two or more land after a spin, and three or more enter the player into the seemingly unnamed “Bonus Round,” a “pick ‘em” game. Win between 10-25 free spins, plus one of the luxury-item icons becomes and extra wild during the free-play round.

Microgaming took a design shortcut in the making of their In It to Win It online slot, subcontracting out that bit of work. The result is a playable slot game lacking innovation that frequently defines Microgaming and the industry in general. Lots of little pays as well!
Hangin’ with the virtual high-rollers at the online casino in the In It to Win It slot game…