Bingo/roulette hybrid makes completely new type of lotto game

Instant Lotto offers players many different ways to bet on a series of balls, which shoot out of a randomising machine. It isn’t the most addictive game ever designed, but since it is a lotto instant win game, it doesn’t really need to be.
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Instant Lotto – An online casino game like you've never before seen

Where do you begin with this title? I suppose you could start by saying that Instant Lotto is an instant win game, not a slot. From there, it is anybody’s guess. The game is setup up like a kind of bingo/ lottery filled fun-fest. Although initially, to first time players of this game, having anything other than confusion is a rarity!

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In order to bet, players must first choose one of the coloured balls to wager on. There are three in total, red, yellow and blue. You can then choose whether the ball will come first, last, in the centre or more than once. Players could also choose to wager on a wide range of other betting options from the wheel to the right of the screen.

Once the initial wager has been placed, players must then pick a second style of wager, before finally, in Step 3, choosing how much they wish to stake and how many repeat games they want to play. This can vary to anything from 0.50 to 50.00 per game. Once the bets have been submitted, the player has the choice to choose from a few more, bets before the numbered and coloured balls come out of the shoot. If they match the betting pattern, the player wins.

The thing is though, is instant lotto going to be an instant success – instant “notto chance”, would be more appropriate. This title is creative, but it is too complicated, has way too many options and yet on the same hand, is far too simple to be truly entertaining.
Instant Lotto online casino game: Complicated enough, cheap enough, but not entertaining enough an instant win game to please many...