The simplest Instant Keno 80 Ball game you will find on the net is here!

Playtech’s Instant Keno 80 Ball naturally hosts 80 numbers for players to make up their picks from. A total of 15 numbers (hits or picks) can be selected by the player, and the keno machine will draw 20 numbers out at random. Match up all 15 numbers, and you can win the keno games top jackpot.
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The Instant Keno 80 Ball game by Playtech – Elementary keno, for beginners

This Playtech keno game is the large full scale version of their 40 ball keno game of a similar title. Instant Keno 80 Ball is the natural follow on for gamers who loved the quick fire 40 ball releases, and perhaps have more time to invest in playing keno. It is however, just as shabby looking as its smaller sister, and doesn’t really do Playtech justice.

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Instant Keno 80 Ball is just as cheap as the 40 ball version, with gamers able to stake their wagers from as little as 0.25 per game. Gamers will a larger wallet might find the 5.00 per game max bet more to their liking, but even this though is incredibly cheap.

There are no bonus features in the Instant Keno 80 Ball game, and neither are there any auto-pick features once more. The lack of an auto-pick feature will really frustrate some gamers who don’t want to keep reselecting their numbers. The auto-play button though, will permit players to wager either once, five, or ten times per go though.

Playtech have gone and done it again with this incredibly simple keno game. It isn’t going to be very appealing to “pros” and die hard keno gamers, but for amateurs, the basic graphics, minimal bonus features and large jackpot of Instant Keno 80 Ball will be most appealing. Certainly a game designed for the rookies, I would say.
Poor design, cheap gameplay, large jackpot...again