Make all the correct choices when you decide to make some Ice Picks.

Next time you have to crack-open a ice-cold one, be sure it doesn't contain any left-overs from the ice age. This game freezes the spins when you pick the 20 paylines to play. Increase the wins for a total payout of 22,500! Cold hard cash is nowhere near the frozen assets of these other guys who got lost in the drift long ago.
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Ice Picks - online video slot with multiple options by Rival

Ever wonder what happens when you forget to pick-up the research team after they finish exploring the artic circle? You get the some pretty cold fellas who might just be frozen to the bone after a while. If they haven't eaten each other, you can still pick through their remains for spare change and rare items gathered on the trip.

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Here's a game that is really fun for chilling-out with some old friends. In this case, really old- since there's only bones left. Well, if you start to look at the 20 icey-lines that connect the reels all-over, this can make better sense about what will complete the rest of this story. The wildest part of this story is the Wild symbol which is a wooden crate filled with combination particles that make the items on the paylines match easier. They forgot to bring the GPS and instead brought the old trusty compass which is the Scatter. Not only did it make the explorers scatter themselves around in ice-cube sized blocks but you can get them spinning with up to 25 free spins with matching 3, 4, or 5 crates in a row. The bonus game is plenty of cool picks to chose from when you crack open ice blocks to release the valuable gems inside.

Have some frozen dinners handy while you play this frigid version of the north pole dancers. Collect some awesome prizes that are really quite smashing in this gem-tastic bonus game.
Keep your hands warm while holding-out for the cold-cash!