Get a load of old Honey Money, the online instant win game

The basic objective here is to match two symbols. Unlike other pairs games, you don’t get the chance to see what the icons are before they are shuffled in Honey Money. The top jackpot on offer is a rewarding £100,000, which certainly speaks volumes, given that this is a little instant win title.
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The Honey Money instant win game by Pariplay – A simple buzzing game, ideal for all

Honey Money isn’t your typical Pariplay instant win game. Players are required to match two identical symbols, one from the top honeycomb, and one from the bottom. Yes, as you have probably figured out; Honey Money is a bug themed slot, that will have you as busy as bees trying to find the right pair. It is odd, but that makes it all the more enjoyable.

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In order to begin playing Honey Money, players will first need to select a wagering amount. Wagers begin at a low cost of only 0.10 per game. They can cost as much as 10.00 per game, if you fancy hunting a larger jackpot than typically offered.

The top left hand side of the honey comb is the memory bank, and this is basically where the two symbols the player picks will end up. The centre screen contains the two honey comb reels that contain the symbol that players will choose their two icons from. To the right is a purple coloured pay table that offers the player information about what their icons are worth, and how much (if anything) they have won.

It really is a game of daft luck, and if you do win, you’ll be thanking lady luck a lot, because the payouts are quite impressive. Because of its unique gameplay and design, it is impossible not to give Honey Money a big double thumbs up. It has taken the best elements out of scratch cards and other instant win titles and rolled them into one game. There aren’t too many other games with similar styles to match it, and that makes it one of a kind, and a treat to play; as sweet as honey you might say.
Buzzing gameplay keeps the player intrigued and interested