Raise the roof in Hold'em High Poker, a Royal Flush worth 500:1

Hold'em High Multiple Hand Poker is a variant of Texas Hold'em Poker and a preferred Poker game for some Poker players, find all your favorites here.
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Hold 'em High just like the wild west

Hold’em High Multi-Hand Poker is a casino game based on Texas Hold’em Poker where players combine two hole cards and five community cards to create the best possible poker hand. Hold’em High is different in that it is a solitaire poker game that is played against a payout schedule rather than Texas Hold’em that is played with other poker players. Hold’em High Poker also offers an optional side bet feature on the two hole cards for higher wins. Get schooled in Hold’em High Poker strategy; find Hold’em High bonuses and tournaments, live dealer poker games and poker casinos, all in a one-stop shop directory to meet every poker player’s casino needs at LCD.

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Playing Hold’em High Multiple-Hand Poker begins with a bet based on your cards, click on chips at the virtual poker table to make your wager. Then click the deal button and you will receive two cards dealt face up and five community cards face down. Choose to fold, call or raise the bet; if you fold you lose the bet, if you call, another bet is placed, and if you raise the bet, it is made equal to double the original bet. By calling or raising the stake the remaining community cards are turned over to form your final hand. To win at Hold’em High Poker players need at least two pairs one which needs to be a pair of jacks or better. Higher Poker hands have higher payouts at three of a kind, a straight (five consecutive cards), a flush (five poker cards of the same suit), a full house, four of a kind or a straight flush. The Royal Flush comes in as the highest win which pays out 500:1.

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