Get on the ice and take your Hockey Potshot to try win cold casino cash

Hockey-sports theme arcade game, original and dangerous with a top wager of 99,000 coins per game! Ouch! Whilst the jackpot might be equally as sensational, with a massive amount of money being able to be won, that maximum wager is just madness.
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Hockey Potshot, video hockey at maximum and dangerously high stake bets

This hockey-themed arcade game has been designed and developed by CTXM. The objective is of course to get the puck into the goal, and to win big in the process. Instant win games tend not to have too complicated a gaming strategy, although this one is tougher than a lot of other ones out there, which makes it enjoyable. The theme and gameplay together make for a unique release.

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To begin wagering, a player needs to first select what their gaming field will be. The defenders on the ice differ in each gaming field and this will ultimately determine what prizes are available in each of the three goals in a typical game. Once a player has done this, it is time to bet.

The prices of the pucks vary from as little as 0.10 per puck, upwards to 1,000.00 per puck! The player can choose to have anywhere between 1 and 99 pucks per game, making the total maximum wager a massive 99,000.00 per game! On the cheaper end, the minimum wager is 0.10 per game.

If it wasn’t for that ridiculous maximum wager, this instant win game would be sensational. However, nobody is going to make the player play the maximum wager, and by just playing small stakes, with only a dozen or so pucks at low costs, good winnings can be had with this arcade game.
Astronomical wagering limits, fair jackpot, a nice idea ... play hockey!