Hugely popular computer game becomes hugely popular online slot

Termination with extreme prejudice has never been so much fun … and potentially never more profitable. Try the Hitman slot game at any Microgaming-powered online casino for one “bloody good play,” as U.K. players might say.
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Hitman online slot game: Bloody good fun at Microgaming-powered casinos

The popular video game/movie/cross-genre franchise gets the online slots treatment from Microgaming: An average game 'til you get to the bonus round -- and that's a real killer.

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At first, the online slot appears to contain all of the good and none of the bad of video shoot ‘em ups. The symbols get silly pretty quickly and that pretentious pseudo-choir music of video games is enough to drive the player nuts. Even the animation is silly. When the WILD bald titular character appears, an animation opens with our anti-hero ... opening a door, switching off a light switch and leaving an empty room. Wow. But then the Os Man tripped the bonus round in which Agent 47 gets to choose a target (nonsensical choral singing shifts key) for terminating with extreme prejudice, as hired by the International Contract Agency Headquarters. The five potential kills have a bounty of various ranges on their heads and, yes, there's some racial profiling going on here. As a child of the Cold War, the Os Man went with Soviet-looking dude Mark Purayah II, who was going to kill the Secretary of the Interior (though what Dirk Kempthorne ever did to him is apparently “need to know”) and garnered a cool 25,200 for splattering his brains (off-screen) with a rifle. Bloody good bonus round, that.

Once the property of Eidos software, the successful video game franchise Hit Man made the leap to the online slot milieu with no problem; indeed, the Hit Man slot is probably today more popular than the outdated computer game.
Hit Man just kills in the online casino game format, too