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Make hi or lo side bets in Hi Lo 13 Premier Blackjack games, a variety of Blackjack that is a favorite among Blackjack players. Play in Live Dealer Hi Lo 13 Blackjack games as well.
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Hi Lo 13 blackjack - premier blackjack

Premiere Hi Lo 13 Blackjack is a blackjack game available for casino players online. Find Hi Lo 13 Blackjack bonuses and tournaments at LiveCasinoDirect along with the best casinos to play at. Play with no deposit needed or in Live Dealer blackjack games; play for fun or for real, sharpen your game with helpful Hi Lo 13 Blackjack strategy tips and advice in a thorough casino directory providing this and many other varieties of Blackjack games for instant download and play.

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Played with 2 decks of 52 cards, Premiere Hi Lo Blackjack is a table casino game where players play against the dealer and like traditional blackjack; the aim is not to bust. You may take insurance is you believe the dealer has blackjack. Players bet on only one hand at a time based on the first two cards that are dealt. Qualify for Bonus payouts by making a Bonus bet. The side bet is based on the first two cards that are dealt. Winning side bets are either hi or lo. Hi is a pair of cards with a value higher than 13; a lo pair of cards are two that value less than 13. Both bets if won pay out 1:1 and a winning 13 bet pays out 10:1. You may double down but not after a split. Get as close as you can to 21 against the dealer and you win.

The popular table game, Hi Lo 13 Premier Blackjack is available for instant download from the top-rated of Blackjack casinos.
Get 21 in Hi Lo 13 Blackjack Premier and win in an online stand-off with a virtual dealer.