Hi Lo by Amaya: Have you got the know-how to predict the next ball?

The Hi Lo game is a simple number prediction game. There are no fancy features or complicated bonus rounds here, just simple number guessing. Prizes don’t rise very high, and seldom exceed double the amount staked by the player.
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Hi Lo game – Numbered prediction gaming at its most basic

Very few instant win or fixed odds games come any easier than this Hi Lo game. Hi Lo is basically a number prediction game, whereby the player must determine whether or not the next number will be higher or lower in value than the previous. This release is stripped back, contains very few features and is a quick fire game to play.

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Players can increase or decrease their wager with the two main buttons on either side of the gaming bar. Wagers vary from 0.20 up to 250.00 per game in this instant win title.

With their bet selected, the player can then go about playing the Hi Lo game. Once the first numbered ball comes into the screen, the player must decide whether or not the next ball will be higher or lower than the current one, with the pay-outs for either a higher prediction, or a lower prediction varying in value, depending on the number of the ball currently on the screen. If the player is correct, they will win their bet, if incorrect they will lose it.

If the player is successful in guessing whether the next number is higher or lower than the current one, they can choose to either collect their winnings or gamble them. If they gamble them, they can win larger sums of money than were first offered. Should a player gamble and lose though, they will lose all the money that they have accumulated on that particular bet.
A very basic hi-lo game, with small payouts, simple and easy to play...