Raise your stakes even higher with a few rounds of Hi-Lo $10-$100

Are you tempted by the hi-lo bug? In this game where the stakes are raised considerably, the Hi-Lo 10-100 game is always a risk that's worth the action. Sure, you can make a good guess, it's not until you see the payouts that you might second-guess yourself. Play it safe!
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Break the sweat with Hi-Lo 10-100 casino game's bigger hands

Before the time that penny plays were all the rage in Hi-Lo 10-100 casino games, you can finally have a strong stomach with these kinds of stakes. Play up to 100 bucks per round or down the low-roller path of just 10 bucks a pop. Can you guess which number will come up next?

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Today could be your lucky day, even if you decide that demo play is just joking around. Have that grab for total power and control when these kinds of rounds make the sweat flow when you guess which number will come up. Surely you can figure the odds to win. Higher number all fall into practical sets in this deck. The entire deck is comprised of 52 cards with no jokers allowed. After you decide what stake to play you can set other functions such as sound fx and volume.
Keep the chances easier on your game when a lower number will most like have the odds to be higher and vice versa. Automatic replacement cards for Kings and Aces are added when the first card calls them up. You never know if that next card holds your future winnings or not, random selection is always tricky it seems. After every win you can choose to cash-in the winnings or let it ride for the next amount staked.

Up and down and back again in a hi-lo thrill ride that has the real casino stakes you like. Let the goods times roll, time and time again. Now it's your chance.
Hi-Lo $10 to $100 online casino game: Like playing with real money, now is the chance to prove it...