Get nerves of steel to roll big when playing Hi-Lo $1 to $10

Don't waste your time betting on the rat races, odds are better with the Hi-Lo 1-10 casino game which really makes better sense. Using a balance between 1 to 10 dollars per round, any win can earn even money if you figure the number is higher or lower. It's that easy.
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Major guesses worth big bucks in the Hi-Lo $1-$10 casino game

The same thrills you can expect in the Hi-Lo 1-10 game where you can play from 1-10 bucks per round. Guess the higher or lower card suit and win with a steady flow. Even pushes on card suits still keep you in the game too! Time for some serious number crunching!

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In this hi-lo casino game, you'll find that pennies aren't the amounts used here. Take a different approach to guessing with an amount ranging from 1-10 dollars per hand. If the number is higher it will tell you immediately what the payout is for that chance of a big win. Lose or not, you still have another chance to play if the suit is the same. Let the winnings roll until you want to cash-in the amount or wager the winnings for an even-larger return.
You might need to have some cold blood to play it cool in this game. Don't risk bigger amounts if the suit is anywhere in the middle. However sometimes you might just get luckier than you think. Try this Hi-Lo 1-10 casino game for fun, to see the kind of rush it can give. Even with 1:1 pay or less, you can build up sure wins if you play by the numbers. Go for it!

Whenever a King or Ace is your card shown it will push to the next card dealt. Go lower on Queens and higher on 2s; this way there's no way to lose.
Hi-Lo $10 to $100 casino game: Are you ready to let the good times roll on a hunch? Why not?