High Streak Premier Blackjack takes Blackjack one notch higher

For those on a lucky streak, four wins in a row in High Streak Premier Blackjack increases wins 10:1 in a High Limit side bet after two consecutive wins in the standard game.
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Increase wins in High Streak Premier Blackjack casino game

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Playing High Streak Premiere Blackjack is played with 2 regular decks of cards and the aim is to beat the Dealer’s hand by getting a higher value hand without exceeding 21 just like in regular Blackjack. If the dealer busts, the player wins. Play a side bet known as the High Streak for higher wins. Once a player has achieved two consecutive wins in the standard game, the first High Streak win will pay 1:1; the second, 2:1, the third, 5:1, and the fourth at 10:1.

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