Who needs the usual when NetEnt offers High-Roller TXS Hold ‘em Poker?

What we’ve got here, with High-Roller TXS Hold’em Poker, if you haven’t figured it out from the title, is a Texas Hold ‘em style poker game. Flop, turn and river cards are all included in this game, with the player having no less than three opportunities to fold. The game is far more interesting than others in the poker genre from Net Ent.
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High-Roller TXS Hold ‘em – It’s really Texas Hold ‘em, but don’t tell anybody!

There are no prizes for guessing what kind of game TXS Hold ‘em poker is. This Net Entertainment table game offers typical Texas Hold ‘em style online poker gameplay, at cheap, fair or really expensive stakes. The choice is really up to you how you wish to wager with that. As for the graphics, it’s a typical Net Ent table game, so the graphics are more than good.

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High-Roller TXS Hold ‘em Poker can be played once a player chooses what chips they want to stake, they have a choice from chips worth 25, 50 or 100 in value. The lowest a player is going to get away with wagering per hand in the standard game is 25.00. Hands can rise to 1,000.00 a pop in the standard game.

Once a bet has been placed in the Ante, the game begins. After the cards are dealt, the player can either call or fold. If they call, the flop cards are dealt, and a bet is placed in the flop slot. Players can choose to fold again, and an additional turn card is placed down.

Finally, the player can choose to fold or bet on last time on the river card. After that the hands will be compared to the community cards, and either there will be a win for either the player or the dealer.

Of course, players can choose to wager as much as they’d like by picking one of the three gambling modes available in the game. Standard mode is normally automatically selected, but players can choose for a low roller or high roller version of the game too, at the bottom of the screen. The main difference is the min and max wagers, which in the high roller version cost 25.00 and 1,000.00, respectively.
A seriously entertaining high rolling Texas Hold ‘em style poker game