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Few online poker games are any simpler to play than Trey Poker. Although this version of Trey Poker is for the big spenders, it can be enjoyed by all with a bit of money to blow. This is 3 card poker gameplay at its best. The dealer can only compete if they have a queen or higher in their hand.
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High-Roller Trey Poker – Smashing, wholly original gameplay

Trey Poker is a new type of online poker variant, and Net Entertainment’s High-Roller Trey Poker is the pinnacle of that game. In this table game, you can wager more money on Trey Poker than you can on almost any other Trey Poker game, making for a unique challenge for the big guys who like great graphics and huge stakes with their original games.

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High-Roller Trey Poker costs a minimum of 25.00 per hand, or a maximum of 500.00 per hand, if you really fancy your chances. Wagers are made up of different coloured chips, with have values of 25, 50 and 100.

Once the player has placed their stake in the Ante circle, the player must choose whether or not they wish to partake in the Pair Up side bet. It’s not really worth it to be honest. When this is decision is made, the cards are dealt. The player can decide to play on and place a bet equal to the Ante in the Play circle, or fold. The player wins the bonus round if they have a pair or better.

Like most Net Entertainment table games, the software developers have provided low roller and standard roller versions of this game too, in case you haven’t got the dollar to throw your weight around the high rollers table.
A new high stakes poker variant that is awesome fun!