If you’ve got the cash, make the time for High-Roller Roulette Pro

The High-Roller Roulette Pro Series game is a fantastic title, especially if you’ve been left a little disappointed by other roulette games that just don’t offer you the high wagers you desire. In every other way though, High-Roller Roulette Pro Series is just another standard roulette game, which commonplace rules.
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High-Roller Roulette Pro: Serious game for seriously rich players

High-Roller Roulette Pro Series is a fantastic 3D roulette game, which contains top of the line graphics, as well as nothing but the best wagers, exclusively for high rolling players of this great spinning wheel game. All of the bets are there to be placed too, along with a few nifty features thrown in for laughs and giggles, if you can afford it!

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Because this is the high roller version of the game, players are going to have to stump up top whack the play. The minimum accepted wager for a game of High Roller Roulette is 10.00 per game, whilst at its most expensive; it can set you back upwards of 500.00 a go.

Like most roulette games, the game is won or lost depending on what you bet. There are a range of bets, including corners, streets, odds, evens, reds, blacks, series, first 12, second 12, last 12, and all the regulars. In fact, being a High Roller Roulette game, this is one of the most complete roulette titles you will find about the online casino world.

Additional option sin this game include seeing a chart of recently hot numbers, recently cold numbers, the percentages of odds and evens recently hit, in both cold and hot numbers too. Furthermore, the player can also choose to hit a “quick spin” button, which randomly chooses a bet for you!
High-Roller Roulette Pro Series online casino game: A complete roulette release, specially designed for the rich and carefree...