If you’ve got the dosh, then why not try High Roller Let It Ride?

Unless you are filthy rich, playing High-Roller Let It Ride is going to set you back quite a bit of money. The good news though, is that even with a semi-decent hand, you can win vast sums in return. This is especially true, if you decide to Let It Ride.
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High-Roller Let It Ride table game – Wager up to $500 per hand

High-Roller Let It Ride is the most expensive variant of the standard Let It Ride game that you will find. Naturally, if you are light on cash, this isn’t a particular game you want to be playing. However, if you fancy your chances and are reasonably settled for cash, then the High Roller game of Let It Ride can provide plenty of spills and thrills for you. This Let It Ride game also contains a bonus game, which works as a kind of progressive jackpot.

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High-Roller Let It Ride contains chips that are worth 25.00, 50.00 and 100.00 in value. Players can wager lots of combinations of chips, although their bet must fall in somewhere between the table minimum of 25.00 per hand, and the maximum of 500.00 per hand.

One the first bet has been placed in the Ante bet circle, the game commences. Bets must also be placed in the 1 and 2 betting circles too. From there, 5 cards are dealt. The player can either choose to pull out one of their bets, or to Let It Ride and continue. If they choose to Let It Ride, the next card is overturned, and they can then decide whether to pull their second wager out, or play on. After this, the hand is added together, and if the player has a winning hand from the paytable, they will win.

The bonus round, costs an additional stake, though if you win you will also pull of an amazing bonus prize. Typically, a Royal Flush is the best you can hope for, which pays 1,000:1 on the standard paytable, and a cracking 20,000:1 on the bonus paytable.
A very expensive Let It Ride game, ideal for the filthy rich but great fun!