High-Roller French Roulette Pro: A big-spender's casino game

High-Roller French Roulette Pro Series is a typical online roulette game, which uses superb 3D graphics and offers players the ability to wager on all sorts of traditional roulette bets. Equipped with a unique history menu, High-Roller French Roulette Pro Series is not a game for players who prefer low stakes.
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Lavish gameplay at a cost to your wallet

High-Roller French Roulette Pro Series is the more expensive version of the standard High-Roller French Roulette Pro game. Like most of the high-roller versions of Net Entertainment’s games, the only difference between this one and the standard one is the cost per game. Chips and heightened wagers make for exciting gameplay for big spenders.

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High-Roller French Roulette Pro Series allows players to wager with chips that are worth 10, 50, and 100 credits in value. High rolling players will need to wager a minimum of at least 10.00 per spin in this game, whilst wagers can cost as much as 5,000.00 a spin, if you’re loaded.

The game runs like any typical roulette title. Players are permitted to wager on a large number of bets, which include Manque (1-18), Impair (odds), Pairs (evens) and Passe (19-36). Of course, the more traditional numbers, red and blacks can also be wagered on in this roulette title.

The added feature in this game is a history bar, which offers players information regarding recent hot and cold numbers, and percentages about odds and evens in past spins.

Although this is a superb, top roulette game, players without the funds to wager large, might prefer to play Net Entertainment’s Standard Roller French Roulette Pro Series. It is the same game, only it costs less.
A honest representation of French Roulette for lovers of the Devil's Game; presented by Net Entertainment...