See how high you can go without being busted from the High Low

When you were kids you could play this for a penny or two. Now you can play this all over again using some real big-kid wagers to feel the intensive passion for the game of hi-lo. Bet that you can beat the dealer with you higher or lower card and see who is the master of matches.
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High Low - online card game by NYX for free or real money

How much can you reisist the temptation of playing a game where you wager the higher card wins. If you like war and other games that are similar, then you’ll see that it’s not so hard to understand who can get the most out of a hi-lo card game.

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You are dealt a card face up and wager a bet that your card amount is higher or lower than the dealers card. If you are correct in your guess then you win. So simple a child can beat this game. Well, there’s a twisted end to this game as all games can provide. Aces are the lowest of the demonination and the Face cards (Kings, Queens, Jacks) are the high cards. Easy to understand again, right? Wage up to 50 coins per play if you decide that your guess is the sure bet but watch the plays get into a roll when you can beat the dealer more than 5 times in a row. Go for the gusto with this nifty high/low card game and make some cool dough while you’re at it. The deck is reshuffled automatically for each game played exectronically so the odds are always unpredictable.

Which way to go, hi or lo. Evens still pay out so you’ll keep your shirt with this one. Get the sweat-dripping action of such an event filled game of High or Low.
Time to drop the gambling guns with some highs and lows!