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Bet on a tie between yourself and the banker in High Limit Baccarat and win a substantial amount of money with an 8x multiplier to the original bet. Find Baccarat casinos and information of the highest quality with us.
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High limit baccarat a casino game with a win with a 8x multiplier

Mix both chance and skill into one game and you have High Limit Baccarat. It’s just the player and the banker in a head-to-head card duel with the possibility of winning big. Played with 8 decks of standard decks of 52 cards, High Limit Baccarat is easy to play, is fast paced and a preferred casino game of many gamblers, play High Limit Baccarat here along with many other Baccarat varieties.

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The aim in High Limit Baccarat is to make predictions on either the banker’s hand or on yours whose hand will be closest to the value of 9. Even bet on the possibility of hitting head on in a tie. Betting on a tie wins the highest payout at 8x the bet, betting on the banker’s hand pays 2x the bet plus a 5% commission for the house. Bet on your own hand and win and get 2x the original bet. The player has the option of peeking at cards dealt to them by dragging the mouse over the edge of a card. Then click flip, however, when betting on a tie the player may not peek.

High Limit Baccarat is another exciting casino table game for casino players who prefer Baccarat games over any others.
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