Let out all the stops with the Blackjack Standard Hi-roller streak

Now this is the real game that puts Las Vegas on the map. This game is totally blackjack with all the odds in your favor. Your dealer stands on every 17, but don’t forget to double and triple your bets when you know you’ll got the dealer cornered. Split once, no surrenders. Insurances on all dealer aced face cards.
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Blackjack Standard Hand Hi-Roller based on Vegas game by OpenBet

Here is the game that put Vegas in the map. This game is all blackjack with the odds in your favor. Dealer must stand on a soft 17 and you can also double and triple your bets for bigger Vegas-style wins. Splits allowed just once and no surrenders. Insurance on dealer face cards as well.

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Feel like a real big-time Hi-roller in this truly Vegas-styled Blackjack game with the rules that apply to the game as usual except with the Vegas touch. No Surrenders offered and Insurances are given when the dealer has their face card showing an ace or higher suit. Split after a matched pair comes up or with a straight hand right away. Plus get the option to double and even triple on your bet in the typical Vagas fashion that is what makes the game so popular. Even if you hand is weaker than the dealer, you’ll still get the option for the insurance but that’s what it’s all about. It’s really big blackjack time if you like to serve it hot to the dealer if you know you have a smoking deal. Feel just like pulling out the stops in your typical blackjack game, this is the one that rules the pack!

Get ready to play the game that Vegas is famous for. Big Hi-rollers know that this game is built for big wins if you have the guts to give it all you got. Don’t stop ’til the deal drops.
Wipe-up the game floor with big wins in the Vegas blackjack classic.