Balls range from 1 to 49 in this futuristic sounding and looking Hi-Lo game

The amount of a win is determined for each guess in its relation to the odds. The higher the odds of the next ball being either higher or lower will determine the value.
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Hi-Lo Techno

Wait for the computer to determine if your guess is correct in Hi-Lo Techno Instant Win Game. The computer will scan the ball and if you guess correctly,whether the next ball is higher or lower, continue on betting to increase the value of your original wager or else take the win.

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Bet between 1 and 100 then make your guess as to whether the next ball will be higher or lower in value from the first ball. Choose from the two arrows in between the two screens. The machine will scan the ball and determine its number. Then you bet, either higher or lower, by clicking on one of the two arrows.

Run your cursor over the higher arrow and see exactly how much your win will be if you guess higher or lower correctly.
Some balls are higher and lower than others, find out in Hi-Lo Techno.