More than just a simple Hi Lo Dealer card game

Few Hi-Lo gambling games have as many different ways to wager as this. Instead of just predicting higher or lower, you can make wagers on other sequences of cards too. Players are also gifted the option of banking half of their winnings, or banking all of them, as well as doubling them up with a gamble feature. The top jackpot alternates depending on what card has been drawn, and what you decide to wager on.
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The Hi Lo Dealer game by My Bet – Hi-Lo gambling, with a bit of additional bonus features thrown in

Hi Lo Dealer is of My Bet’s Hi Lo instant win games. It uses poker cards instead of numbers. This instant win game required gamers to guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than previous card was drawn. There are added features in this Hi Lo game that make it considerably different than other Hi Lo games.

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Firstly a player must stake a wager in the Hi Lo Dealer game. Players can opt to wager anything from the betting floor of 0.25, up to the betting ceiling of 100.00 per play. This makes the wagering limits quite broad, making it ideal for all players.

The best thing about Hi Lo Dealer is the bonus feature. This Hi-Lo game doesn’t just enable you to bet whether the next card will be higher or lower, but also whether it will be a red or a black card, or alternatively (if you want to win big and fancy a challenge), whether it will be a spade, ace, diamond of club card.

This fresh and delightful hi-lo game offers many different ways to play, making it so much more challenging than a typical instant win game. With an alternating jackpot that is based entirely on how you play, the possibilities are endless, with no two turns alike in this Hi-Lo hit.
Ever changing gameplay, and card betting options a plenty