No need to use that thinking cap; wins are just a guess away...

It’s time to have guts that are as solid as a rock when it comes time to make some rather easy guesses. The Hi-Lo 3 Cards Pro table game isn’t hard to play at all. It’s just plain fun for the turnout of practical odds. Come and try your luck at winning a steak of low risk guesses.
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Hi-Lo 3 Cards Pro table game -- A possibly lucrative test of ESP

Test your skills to see if you can make a good guess on these sets of cards which pay a set winning amount based on your stakes wagered. That’s right, guess your way into some massive winnings in the Hi-Lo 3 Cards Pro table game.

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Here’s the best strategy to play the Hi-Lo 3 Cards Pro table game to win anything over a longer period of playing. The coin stakes used are the key to making this possible. A minimal bet is just one dollar, while a 50 dollar bet is better to use for later bets ultimately. The table offers three cards in which you decide which would be the safest bet to play. These are usually the Ace or King cards that give just choice for a move.

Anything higher or lower in card rank is simply out of the question to play therefore you can only go one direction. Any card close to these is also very obvious for being higher or lower. As wins are won you can either cash out that win or continue playing for a higher win. When you reach a level of winnings you can then move up the chip selection a nudge so less risk is lost. Good luck!

All of life is about choices that determine your future. This is sort-of like that except you have 3 cards to select from. Now that’s a great choice you can pick from.
Hi-Lo 3 Cards Pro HD table game: Your choice of three cards to choose from in order to guess the high or low outcome...