Three choices of a higher or lower card in the Hi-Lo 3 card Privee

Do you like to take chances that include guessing from a row of three cards? Hi-Lo games are tough sport, though this game makes the grade with great winnings offered. Try the Hi-Lo 3 Card Privee table game, for a potential winning pot that isn’t just on the low end.
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Hi-Lo 3 Card Privee online casino table game -- Wager up to $500

Are you willing enough to make the right guess as to which card is higher or lower? It’s up to the cards this time in the game of Hi-Lo 3 Card Privee table game. Win amazing amounts for the right guess across a choice of 3 cards offered.

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Will you take a chance at playing a game so incredibly simple, even the odds of more than one choice are given already! The Hi-Lo 3 Card Privee table game is very fun and easy to play. Any card that is higher or lower is a win if you guess correctly. Of course and Ace or a King are obvious guesses and up to the next 3 directions is an easy guess, or is it? You’ll just have to find-out. Wagers begin at this table with 10 dollars per play and up to 500 dollars max.

Select the card that will be the higher or lower, or be tempted by the amount that can be won from the stake you have wagered. Sometimes it’s just a matter of playing it safe. Riskier bets can lose winnings, so be sure to play what you only want to spend. At this level of wildness, the winnings can add-up very quick even at a 10 dollar wager streak!

Every win can be a bigger roll-over in the next round. Be sure to collect on a few wins to preserve what you’ve won already. That’s the best guess already.
Hi-Lo 3-Card Privee online casino table game: Time to pull out all the stops in your guessing table game of games...