Heroes’ Realm, a 3-reel online slot with 3-D effects

With 3-D effects and a killer video bonus round, Rival Software takes slots to a new realm: A Heroes Realm, in fact. Enjoy a true 21st-century style game in the old-fashioned pub machine milieu at any Rival Software-powered online casino.
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Heroes' Realm - online classic slot machine by Rival

Perhaps the idea of another sword and sorcery slot can get a bit old these days but until you try this new twist on the subject then you've got quite an adventure ahead of you. Filled with more than the average 3 reel goodies you come to find these days, this adds up to some impressive wins along this mighty quest involving a complete story which unfolds as you play. Besides the excellent graphics and sound worthy of this slickly designed slot the bonuses involved here are worthy of a kings crown. With free spins that wildly come in contact with your sword-wielding barbarian and his hot and sexy partner you'll also find the tools of the trade featured on the reels such as magic potions, skulls, and treasure chests. Not to forget the vast assortment of deadly weapons that this hero will use against the uprising army of the dead.  A set of 3 skulls takes you into the bonus game where you can select a fighter to earn even more coins and fight the undead that attack in the misty hours of the night. All is well once you've completed the mission and then return safely back to the original game with plenty of booty in hand. This is one rush that you'll have to sweat through in order to complete the Heroes' Realm.

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Don’t forget your virtual sword and battle axe to play Rival Software’s pub machine-style slot game, Heroes’ Realm. Actually, those weapons are already on the reels alongside stuff like daggers, shields, maces, magic vials, skulls (ooooh, creepy) and a treasure chest. The reels themselves are backgrounded by a seriously hyperbolized hero and heroine, both showing much body.

Unique to 3-reel slot games in general, Heroes’ Realm includes an involved video bonus round: Land a spin of three skulls to enter a map room. Choose your hero to defend your territory against those evil skeletal bad dudes – and run up some serious winnings and spins. Up to 50 free games are possible, in fact.

The Heroes’ Realm online slot game charges you to bring your sword and battle axe to the internet casino – also your daggers, shields and maces – as you fight your way to winnings.
Heroes' Realm: This ain’t your father’s 3-reel online slot game