Blast your way into a vault of wins with Heist slot game by Betsoft

Demolition lovers will smile when they enter into a bonus round where they get to rig a vault with highly powerful explosives. Choose other ways into the vault too like with a drill or a code breaking device and fill up your tote with as much cash as you can before time runs out.
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Break into a virtual vault full of casino cash in Heist slot machine

Feel the excitement of robbing a bank in Heist slots game by Betsoft with a vault that contains $9 million pounds. Okay, not exactly, but, you can win a lot of money, just not quite $9 million pounds! You’ll have to go to the real bank for that kind of money. However, in Heist, a 3D interactive 5 reel slot with 30 reels has a lot of ways to win. Listen to techno music while you spin and pursue bank robber Neil with a shotgun. Detective Albert Kowalski is on his trail but with an expanding multiplier, free spins and a bonus round you will break the vault in no time.

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A glass cutter feature will begin with 3 or more glass cutters and then receive instant prizes which include free spins, instant access to the bonus round or a free surprise amount. Spin the C4 symbol on position 2 of the center reel and all wins are multiplied by 2. Once you’ve broken into the vault try to put as much cash into your bag before time runs out and you are caught.

The animation in Heist slot game is amazing with symbols making 360 turns and 3D animation that will make breaking into a bank a real experience and a whole lot of fun breaking into a virtual vault without having even committed a crime.
With 5 scatter drills receive 750 coin credits and check out all the high tech weaponry where robbing and stealing is perfectly legal.