3D graphics bring new depth, fun to BetSoft online poker variation

With what company PR calls “cinematic true 3D graphics,” BetSoft’s Poker3 Heads Up Hold ‘Em brings new depth of graphics and real-life feel to the casino with this interesting take on online poker. Choose a human opponent or simply match wits against an AI – and get ready to go heads up!
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Poker3 Heads Up Hold ‘Em – Online poker game by BetSoft

BetSoft moves its patented 3D software technology from slot games to an interesting new online version of Texas Hold ‘Em, known in full at online casinos and poker websites as Poker3 Heads Up Hold ‘Em. Play alone or against a competitor within the network – either variation is tons of fun!

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Poker3 Heads Up Hold ‘Em is exactly what it sounds like: Two players sit across from each another to play a traditional hand of that most popular poker variation, Texas Hold ‘Em. But perhaps the best feature of this game is that one doesn’t even need two people, as a single-player mode is available.

If the online casino hosting BetSoft’s Heads Up Hold ‘Em is within the Poker3 network, the player may choose a human opponent. In this case, betting limits are set by the players and any number of avatars may be seen with individual creativity the only limit. If the “single-player” mode is selected, the player will be asked to choose his “opponent” (i.e. the computer which always uses the same algorithm regardless of avatar selected). In this variation, betting is static: After determining a stake, there are no raises and the player has but two options after each turn of card(s), i.e. to call or fold.

In all, Poker3 Heads Up Hold ‘Em is notable both in terms of graphics and simply provided a welcome poker variation not often available. While the 3D avatars add nothing by way of strategy or advantage – these characters reveal less than a WSOP veteran – the depth this animation adds to the visual experience is incredible. And the opportunity to play a more realistic variety of Texas Hold ‘Em beyond the table game will certainly bring proper players to BetSoft-powered online casinos.

May this be someday just another game in a wide Poker3 games catalogue...

Play Texas Hold ‘em the truly gutsy way: One-on-one for all the marbles! That’s the scenario in BetSoft’s new variation on online poker. Play against a human opponent or just play a soulless avatar powered by the software. Either way, you’ll enjoy this take on the world’s most popular card game.
Taking on one other player at the online casino in Poker3 Heads Up Hold ‘Em