Play the odds, which will it be? Heads or tails?

Predict the outcome of the coin in Heads or Tails Arcade Game where winning is as instantaneous as flipping a virtual coin. Play with one or two coins at a time for added wins or bet on heads or tails up to 3x in a row. A classic favorite, Heads or Tails is here in instant flash when there's no one else home to toss.
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Heads or tails - coin flipping casino game

Special features of Heads and Tails Arcade game includes a board showing the history of you last six flips, and players can bet to receive heads or tails 1x, 2x or 3x in a row. You must get the exact number of heads or tails you’ve bet to win. Play with either one or two coins.

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Begin by choosing the amount you’d like to wager, then either flip for heads or tails in one flip or consecutively in 2 or 3 flips. Double coin play by playing heads or tails with two coins, both coins must be correct in order to win.

Arcade Games Online now includes old favorites like Heads or Tails by Playtech. Flip one or two coins, bet on the outcome of one or both or else on one coin hitting heads or tails up to 3x in a row for added instant arcade wins.
A 50/50 chance to win is pretty good with Playtech’s Heads or Tails Arcade Game where you can flip coins on a virtual table for casino coins.