Take the corpses to the cleaners for this version of Haunting Harry

Now is the time you can help a next door neighbor out and send some cold-hearted creeps back to the cold storage for good. It’s a grave matter when you have to scatter some skulls and get freaky with Frankie in this amazingly amusing treasure haunt of a slot game.
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Haunting Harry - online slot machine by NYX Interactive

How much would you like to evict some pesky tricksters that need more than boot to get them out of your own house. Well, Harry has some ghostly goons who just don’t get the point and it’s up to you to help him ghost-bust these ghouls right into the poor-hearse.

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Harry has got some ghosts that didn’t pay rent on time, or for that matter they just don’t pay with money you can really hold in your hand. Harry’s got the solution with 20 lines in the contract that will outline the best method to catch them all in the act. Cover all these will make sure they don’t slip out the backdoor without paying the deposit. There’s a wild Frankie who likes to cross-dress so he usually blends-in with other symbols that make matches for you. At least that’s a benefit but the eviction notice Scatter symbol is the real key to reeling in riches in this game. It multiplies the power to make even bigger earnings in you quest to drive the stake in these rude-renters. Skulls also show up as scatters as well and you can get free spins rolling these numb-skulls around for even more money that comes jingling out of them.

Beat the hack out of some bone-brain spooks who need to pay the piper. Get rich quick with some spooktacular spending spins in this ghostly gamble.
Shivers up and down your spine when you hit the big time.