Scatch for wins in a Hand to Hand Combat Scratch Card casino game

All is fair in love and war playing in a hand-to-hand combat battle where winning involves both playfulness and risk in a Hand to Hand Combat Scratch Card.
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Battle it out with any number of fingers for cash in Hand to Hand combat game

Online casino Scratch Cards come in many ways to scratch, Hand to Hand Combat Scratch Card brings a bit of the warrior spirit into scratching. 5 chances to win by scratching panels to reveal your weapons and the weapons of your opponent, receive a prize when you beat your opponent. Win up to 100 coins in just one click on a 10.00 max bet.

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It’s an instant win Scratch Card game, Hand to Hand Combat, where players fight in hand-to-hand combats to reveal a prize. Reveal your hidden prizes by scratching off the silver rub-off boxes. Scratch off your weapons and your opponents and the weapon that defeats the other determines the winner. Scratch Cards have one of the highest payout rates of all the casino games so it doesn’t hurt to scratch.

Choose weapons for you and your opponent in Hand to Hand combat Scratch Card and win big multipliers your original bet if you come out on top of the fight.
Battle it out to win with Hand to Hand Combat Scratch Card casino games.